Qingdao Mingxinsheng Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. is specialized in sanding machine production. “High quality & Satisfying service” is the theme of our company. By ten years endeavor, our company has our own r&d team, our own import & export authorization, and we have got ISO9001-2000 Certificate, Quality Certificate of national wood-working machinery testing center. etc. Our product has been widely used in different countries and regions such as Europe...
Service achievements the company's future
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1300R-TSE Piano Key
SK-R-P Planer Sanding Ma
T Sanding Machine
SR-R-RP Fine Triple-head
S1300R-RP Fine-sanding M
S950-1100R-RP Fine-sandi
S630R-RP Fine-sanding Ma
S Body Down Style Sandin
S Body Floating Lacquer
SR-D Lacquer Sanding Mac
Irregular Surface Sander
S1300R-R or S1000R-R San
1500-1800R-RP Sander Mac
1300R-R-P Triple-head Wi
1300R-RP Wide Double Bel
1300RA Single-belt Sande
1000R-R-P Triple-head Wi
1000R-RP Wide Double Bel
1000RA Single-belt Sande
1000R-D Lauqcer Sander M
630R-R-P Triple-head Wid
630R-RP Wide Double Belt
630RA Single-belt Sander
630R-D Lauqcer Sander Ma
Index Products Advantage Brand News Service About Us Contact Us
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