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SR-D Lacquer Sanding Machine

Features of SR-D Lacquer Sanding Machine:

This is a new type of lacquered panel sanding machine developed on the base of the advanced technologies from abroad. The polishing roller is made of soft rubber and has been processed by precisely dynamically balance. The speed of sand belt is controlled by frequency inverter, which can meet different requirements of various lacquer sandings. The conveyor belt is equipped with speed changers and can adjust the speed for different products, thus can guarantee good quality of lacquered products. The brushing roller installed at the out feed end of the machine can clean powder on the products. Above the sanding belt, there is a blowing tube to clean powder on the belt. This machine is a necessity for furniture, bamboo or wooden floor manufacture.









Automatic cylinder-mode cleaning device can clean the dust on the sanding belt, improve the sanding quality and lengthen the service time of sand belt. The combination between American 3M polishing wheel and soft rubber roller brings better polishing quality. Imported converter is used for controlling the sanding line speed, hence it is suitable for different lacquer sanding.


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