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Sanders improves product grade effectively

Sanders improves product grade effectively

        Sanders are widely used in wood processing, furniture, the architectuer and decoration field for small and big enterprises. Not only can it calibrate human-made boards and solid wood boards, but also can do fine polishing work on single boards and lacquer faces. So, it can achieve improving the product’s quality, decorating result, product grde and saving cost.

   To sand workpieces, long belt sander and wide belt sander are applied. Long belt sander can be divided into two kind sanders. One is with a slider worktable and hand-control briquetting, and the other is with pressing-add briquetting and a Felt rib belt. The former’s sanding workpiece can be moved on the lead rail worktable. Hold the operation bar to press the Briquetting and sanding belt will sand the workpiece. With easy structure and low cost, this kind sander can be used to process big size of solid workpieces and wooden parts on the human-made boards. It can effect good sanding result by skilled workers. The later applied pneumatic pressing-add briquetting instead of hand-control briquetting, and the pressing-add briquetting covers the whole workpiece. But when the contact area of sanding belt touched and the workpiece Is too big, more energy will be consumed and much quantity sawdus will adhere to the sanding belt. At the same time, the sanding belt becomes hot that will shorten its service life. The above defect can be incomed when we set the Felt rib belt, it can also improve the sanding quality. There is another long belt sander with multi pressing-add briquettings. It is used to sand the hollow workpiece to effect a good sanding resut even its surface is minor not smooth.


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