Qingdao Mingxinsheng Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. is specialized in sanding machine production. “High quality & Satisfying service” is the theme of our company. By ten years endeavor, our company has our own r&d team, our own import & export authorization, and we have got ISO9001-2000 Certificate, Quality Certificate of national wood-working machinery testing center. etc. Our product has been widely used in different countries and regions such as Europe...
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To create a brand, enhance corporate reputation, corporate image, our spirit of "all the pursuit of high quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose of" spirit, "the most favorable price, best service, the most reliable product quality" principle You solemnly promise:

A commitment to product quality:
1, product manufacturing and testing are quality records and test data.
2, the product performance testing, we sincerely invited users to visit the whole process of the product, all performance checks, the product is confirmed to be qualified before packing shipments.

Second, the price promise:
1, in order to ensure high reliability and advanced systems of selection are selected domestic and international high-quality brand-name products.
2, in the same competitive conditions, our company not to reduce product technical performance, change the cost of the product components, based on faith in the most favorable price to your side.

Third, the delivery commitment:
1, product delivery: as required by the user, if you have special requirements, need to be completed ahead of schedule, the company may in particular organization of production, installation, and strive to meet customer needs.
2, product delivery, our company provide the following documents to the user;
① Technical Maintenance Manual
② provide wearing parts, spare parts list
Four, Service commitments:
1, the principle of service: quick, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough
2, service objectives: service quality to win customer satisfaction

Service Hotline:+86-532 88605008 

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